Billet bloom mill properties and mill naming


 The understanding and understanding of the rolling mill will continue to follow because we have not yet mastered all of its knowledge. Therefore, we will continue this work, and at the same time, we can also make everyone have a new one. Gaining, then, to speed up their learning and improve learning efficiency, rather than a waste of time.
1. Is the cold rolling mill in the mill different from the working mechanism and the transmission mechanism?
The cold rolling mill in the rolling mill is definitely not the same in the working mechanism and the transmission mechanism. Therefore, the answer to this question is yes, and there is no doubt about this. The working mechanism of the cold rolling mill mainly includes racks, rollers, roller bearings, roll adjustment mechanisms, guide positioning devices, and rolling blocks. The transmission mechanism includes gear housings, speed reducers, rollers, and couplings. Axis, and couplings, etc.
2. Billet bloomer, which belongs to the mill?
The billet blooming mill belongs to the blooming mill, and the blooming mill belongs to the large class of mills. Therefore, based on this, the billet bloomer belongs to the rolling mill, so the answer to this question is yes. In addition, the specific application of this kind of rolling mill is to produce billets so as to be rolled into various profiles for subsequent use or utilization. Therefore, there are still many applications in some aspects.
3. What are the main names of the rolling mills?
For rolling mills, the naming method can have many standards. For example, it can be named according to rolling type, rolling mill specification, and its nominal size, or the name of the inventor of the rolling mill. For specific examples, then it is: the blooming mill is named after the nominal diameter of the roll, the strip mill is named after the length of the working roll body, and the tube mill is named after the diameter of the tube.





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