What are the advantages of cold-rolled plates compared to hot-rolled plates?


 What are the advantages of cold-rolled plates compared to hot-rolled plates:
1. Cold rolled sheet is thinner than hot rolled sheet. The thinnest rollable hot rolled thickness is 0.78mm and cold rolled can be rolled to a 0.001mm strip.
2. The thickness difference of cold rolled strip is between 0.01-0.03mm, so cold rolled sheet has higher precision than hot rolled sheet.
3. The surface of the hot-rolled sheet is defective, such as iron oxide scale, pitting, etc. The cold-rolled sheet can produce a mirror surface, so the latter has a higher surface quality than the former.
4. Cold rolling can be customized and adjusted according to customer requirements, and hot rolling is two different steel rolling technologies. In general, hot rolling is the rolling of steel under high temperature conditions. Cold rolling is performed when the steel is under normal temperature. The hardness of this steel is higher than the hardness of hot rolling.





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